MDH Landscaping Inc. is a full service landscape company serving Summit and Wasatch counties. MDH is owned and operated by Malcom Hunsaker who has been creating beautiful landscapes for over 25 years.  His specialty is taking care of the customer before, during and after the project.

MDH can do every aspect of a project, starting with the design and culminating in a beautiful finished landscape.  Malcom has an eye for landscape design.  He designs not only with the current finished project in mind, but also what the landscape will look like years down the road.  Skilled design combined with a team of experts  is what gives MDH the ability to take your ideas and make them a reality.

We realize that many homeowners enjoy doing some aspects of the landscape themselves.  That is perfectly fine.  We provide an itemized proposal giving you the opportunity to pick and choose what you would like to do yourself.

At the end of the project we provide you with the information you need to care for your new landscape.  You will be given a detailed design of your irrigation system so you know where all your valves, wires, pipes and sprinkler heads are located.  This will be very handy for you to have in the future.  This is a rare bonus that most homeowners never receive.

MDH has prepared and will provide you with simple instructions for watering your landscape, winterizing and starting up your system, lawn and planter bed fertilizing/weed control, and shrub/tree pruning and care.

We pride ourselves in good communication, quality service, and expert work .  We are a company you can feel comfortable turning to for years to come with all your landscape needs

To contact Malcom see our Contact Page.






  • 2012 Park City Area Showcase of Homes
  • Many custom homes
  • Lots of landscape redos and fixes


  • The Swiss Colonies of Valais in Midway:  Landscaped over 100 homes, acres and acres of open space, two pools, the Community Center, the space around the sand volleyball, tennis and basketball courts and 4 acres of park.
  • Dutch Fields Homesteads in Midway:  Landscaped several of the custom homes, all the open space around the four ponds, the large berms along the road and the clubhouse/pool/tennis court area.
  • The Cottages at Dutch Fields in Midway:  Landscaped over 25 homes,  the open space and around the pool and pool house.
  • Cobblestone in Heber City:  Landscaped over 20 homes in this nice development.
  • Ranch Landing Condominiums in Heber City (across from Wasatch High School): Landscaped around 4 large buildings as well as the frontage along 500 East and around the pool and the clubhouse. A beautiful, large water feature was installed as the center piece for the project.
  • The Cove at Park Meadows in Park City:  Redid the landscape, drastically reducing the amount of lawn and installed a new irrigation system to conserve water and to save the HOA thousands of dollars on their water bill each year.  A 17 acre property.
  • Four Lakes in Park City:  Altered the landscape design to reduce the amount of lawn by creating planter beds under large groupings of  mature trees.  Removed lawn between all of the homes on the west side of Estates Drive and converted all of the spray irrigation in this area to drip irrigation for the planter beds.


  • 6 acre sports park for Wasatch County School District
  • Carmike Ritz 15 plex Theater/Hollywood Connection Family Fun Center (across from the Maverik Center).  A 16 acre property.
  • 4 acre sports park for Midway City

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